Let's get serious

This project exists because we want to protect your privacy. We want to keep the data we get from you as minimal as possible.

Adobe Fonts

So the only thing we need to mention here is the choice of our font provider. We have an expensive taste for fonts and as students we don't have the money to buy them and host them ourselves. That's why we use the Adobe Fonts service to use high quality fonts at a comparatively low price. In their Blog they write: "Typekit makes a point not to track visitors on websites that use Typekit fonts. However, we do collect information about the fonts being served to each site. This data does not include any information about the users who are visiting a site serving Typekit fonts."
In fact, Adobe collects this data from us as a website provider, which is not cool and we are open to alternative:

  • Web Project ID
  • Web Project JavaScript version (string)
  • Web Project type (string "configurable" or "dynamic")
  • Embed type (whether you are using the JavaScript or CSS embed code)
  • Account ID (identifies the customer the Web Project is from)
  • Service providing the fonts (e.g., Adobe Fonts or Edge Web Fonts)
  • Application requesting the fonts (e.g., Adobe Muse)
  • Server serving the fonts (e.g., Adobe Fonts servers or Enterprise CDN)
  • Hostname of page loading the fonts
  • The amount of time it takes the web browser to download the fonts
  • The amount of time it takes from the web browser downloading the fonts until the fonts are applied
  • Whether or not an ad blocker is installed to help identify whether the presence of an ad blocker affects accurate pageview tracking
  • OS and browser version
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